Enthusiasts continue to delight smartphone users who no longer hoped to receive the Android 11 update. The unofficial update from Android 11 can now be installed by users of the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + (review) and Galaxy Note8 (review) based on the Exynos single-chip platforms.

Four-year-old Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 join Android 11

For them, firmware has become available as part of Project Sakura based on the beloved by many shell LineageOS 18.1. The builds bring all the basic features of Android 11 while offering a clean, uncluttered user interface, complete with a variety of customizations.

However, while builds based on Android 11 are at an early stage of development. Among the known drawbacks, for example, are the following: Wi-Fi Direct and the access point function do not work, you cannot distribute mobile traffic from a smartphone. There are other flaws that the developers hope to fix over time. In any case, you need to install such firmware only at your own peril and risk, knowing well what you are doing.

In January, the four-year-old Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + received the latest update, while the Galaxy Note8 has only received security updates on a quarterly basis since October.

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