Two former high-ranking employees of the most popular messenger WhatsApp – ex-business director Neeraj Arora and ex-technical director Michael Donohue – presented their new creation – the HalloApp application.

The creators of the new project call it “the first web of true relationships” and “the antidote to traditional social networks.” This is how Niraj Arora describes HalloApp himself: “Imagine that your friends on the Internet were your real friends. Your feed is not filled with people and messages that you are not interested in. Imagine seeing what you want, not what the algorithm wants to show you. Imagine a network that doesn’t see you as a product. “

HalloApp completely lacks advertising and user tracking, and there are also no recommendation algorithms for sorting posts and chats. All there is is four main sections: post feed, group chats, individual chats, and settings. The app is already available in the App Store and Google Play. Meanwhile, a huge ultra-wide gaming monitor Acer Nitro XV431CP arrived in Russia.

Source: HalloApp

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