Carl Icahn, a prominent American entrepreneur, has expressed his commitment to cryptocurrencies. The falling market does not scare him – the financier expressed a desire to invest $ 1 billion in cryptocurrencies. That’s roughly 15 of his fortune, according to Forbes.

Interestingly, back in 2018, Icahn had a negative assessment of the cryptocurrency market and did not consider it for his investment portfolio, but now his opinion has changed. Now the entrepreneur is considering the possibility of large-scale investments in the industry and is exploring currencies that could be invested in. “At the moment, I have not decided what I will buy. I look at the whole area – how I and Icahn Investment can participate [в инвестировании]…

When asked how much he was willing to invest, Icahn replied: “Obviously, for us to indulge is not buying a few coins, it could be $ 1 billion, $ 1.5 billion … I can’t say more precisely yet.”

The billionaire also shared his views on cryptocurrency. According to Icahn, its value is no less than that of paper money. “What is the value of the dollar? The only value of the dollar is that you can use it to pay taxes. “– said the billionaire. And then he added: “For me, bitcoin is just a store of value.”

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