Valery Fadeev, Head of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) under the President of the Russian Federation proposed a method of regulating movement on electric scooters, electric bicycles and other means of individual mobility (SIM). He sent his ideas to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Alekseev Research Center for Private Law under the President of Russia.

Fadeev proposed six measures at once to improve the situation with this type of transport:

  • Addition of traffic rules to regulate such transport;
  • The obligation to dismount from a vehicle if it interferes with the movement of pedestrians, creating a danger for them;
  • The introduction of speed limits for this type of transport. In this case, restrictions should be ranked by age;
  • All leased SIMs, as well as SIMs operated by courier services, must be insured;
  • All SIMs from the previous paragraph must receive registration plates of the established form;
  • SIMs should be classified as sources of increased danger so that the responsibility for causing harm to their owners can be made.

The question of supplementing the rules was long standing. Currently, electric scooters are subject to pedestrian rules. Moreover, in the event of any conflict situations in court, they are referred to as bicycles and even mopeds. And this is a little absurd.

The essence with the introduction of license plates is not very clear. It turns out that after the purchase, the transport must be registered. It is not clear what to do with the age ranking of the speed limit: how can this be done at all?

One gets the impression that Mr. Fadeev is trying to promote himself on a hype topic. Actually, at the beginning of the original text published on the HRC website, it says so:

Recently, in the media and social networks, reports of incidents related to the operation of electric scooters, electric bicycles, segways, mono-wheels and other similar means in places of recreation of townspeople have appeared almost every day.

From the statement of the head of the HRC

Therefore, every news that someone has proposed to do something with electric scooters will look exactly like this. For example, today the Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee Alexander Starovoitov in the comments of the editorial board of “Rise!” (Sergey Dorenko’s team is engaged in the release of the publication) in general proposed all people operating electric scooters should wear T-shirts with QR codes. Who will come up with a more crazy idea next?

But what does not imitation of work look like, but real actions: in Moscow Whoosh service, which is essentially a monopoly on the capital’s kicksharing market, has introduced 50 zones with speed limits up to 10 km / h.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Media

However, the problem is that the proposed solutions are actually a ban. A ban is not an indicator of performance, but an indicator of the incompetence of officials who have adopted the rules. Electric scooters really need to be regulated and finally understand where they should ride: on the sidewalk, on the road or on the bike path? The latter seems to be the most suitable solution, but only there are practically no bike paths in Russia, and well-built ones can be counted on the fingers of one hand. That is, bike paths need to be built.

Another thing is that electric scooters are not a real problem. The real problem is cars: in Russia there are very high speeds of movement of vehicles, as well as very wide expensive ones. And taking into account the unpunished 20 km / h and very small fines that can be paid off with a 50% discount, our vehicles are generally, to put it mildly, very poorly regulated. Officials have no strength and, most importantly, no desire for real speed limits. This will play a very bad trick on their ratings.

However, the issue of safety is a matter of forty-six human lives a day. This is how many people, on average, per day die in road accidents involving cars in Russia.

Does this correlate in any way with scooters, which have not claimed a single life over the past two years? The answer to this question seems to be obvious. But how easy it is to get promoted on electric scooters!

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