Xiaomi is a big entertainer: having scheduled the presentation for March 29, she did not clarify that she was going to split it into two days. I talked about the novelties of the first day yesterday:

On the second day, Xiaomi showed other products. For example, a new company logo:

They say the new logo is full of life. Source: Xiaomi

The cool designer Kenya Hara was called in to draw the logo. Only he was able to transform the square logo of the company into a non-square one. There were many options for rounding, but in the end they chose a specific one. Just in case, let me remind you what the logo looked like before:

The first novelty was an eco-bag. I’m not kidding:

Then they showed a new air conditioner:

Robot vacuum cleaner:


But from the uninteresting, let’s move on to something more meaningful.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

As I wrote earlier, the company has revived the legendary Mi Mix line of fashion devices. The new smartphone has become a foldable device. Its mechanism is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The smartphone received an internal AMOLED display with a diagonal of 8.01 inches with a resolution of 2480 × 1860 with a pixel density of 387 ppi. This display delivers 600 nits peak brightness, Dolby Vision certified, HDR10 + capable. But the frequency of the updated image does not exceed 60 Hz.

The external AMOLED display looks like a long 6.52-inch sausage with huge bezels:

The aspect ratio of the screen is 27: 9. Source: Xiaomi

The external display has a resolution of 2520 × 840 pixels, a refresh rate of 90 Hz and 900 nits of peak brightness.

The smartphone received four speakers developed by Harman Kardon specialists.

The folding mechanism has been tested for one million times. But they give a guarantee only for 200 thousand folds.

The smartphone received a battery with a nominal capacity of 5020 mAh and a 67 W power supply included. And, of course, the flagship system-on-a Snapdragon 888 chip.


Interestingly, the camera unit is made in the style of last year’s Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The main module with a Samsung ISOCELL HM2 sensor takes pictures with a resolution of up to 108 megapixels, ultra-wide is 13 megapixels, and there is also a telephoto module combined with a macro camera. And here’s the fun part.

Liquid lens allows you to quickly focus on objects. At the same time, due to its changing shape, the depth of field is much wider than that of a conventional lens. I talked about this camera in more detail last week:

As I suggested in that text, the lens does not change the focal length, but only allows you to focus on the object at a distance of three centimeters from it. And this despite the fact that the lens has an equivalent focal length of 80 mm. It’s almost like a microscope! It is very interesting to try this camera.

Mi Mix Fold received the Surge C1 image coprocessor developed by Xiaomi. According to the company representatives, it processes images better, gives better white balance and allows the smartphone to focus faster.

Apparently, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold will only be available in China. The prices are as follows:

  • 12/256 GB – 9999 yuan (approximately $ 1525 or 116 thousand rubles);
  • 12/512 GB – 10999 yuan (approximately $ 1675 or 127 thousand rubles).

The smartphone will go on sale on April 16. Pre-orders are already open.

Xiaomi Mi Laptop Pro

The company also introduced two laptop models. For now, they will be sold exclusively in China.

The large Mi Laptop Pro 15 ″ will be available in three versions on 11th generation Intel processors:

  • i5 16/512 GB – 6499 yuan (approximately $ 990 or 75.2 thousand rubles);
  • i5 16/512 GB + GeForce MX450 – 6999 yuan (approximately $ 1070 or 81 thousand rubles);
  • i7 16/512 GB + GeForce MX450 – 7999 yuan (approximately $ 1220 or 92.5 thousand rubles).

The 15-inch laptop has a 3.5K OLED display. At its peak, it produces 600 nits of brightness. And there are also very small frames:

The laptop has a 66 Wh battery and comes with a 100 W power supply. Mi Laptop Pro 15 ″ received four Thunderbolt ports, made in USB Type-C format.

Mi Laptop Pro 14 ″ received an IPS-display with a resolution of 2.5K. However, here the image refresh rate is 120 Hz! The laptop also features 11th Gen Intel processors, and certain versions will be available with GeForce MX450 graphics cards.


  • i5 16/512 GB – 5299 yuan (approximately $ 810 or 61.2 thousand rubles);
  • i5 16/512 GB + GeForce MX450 – 5999 yuan (approximately $ 915 or 70 thousand rubles);
  • i7 16/512 GB + GeForce MX450 – 6999 yuan (approximately $ 1070 or 81 thousand rubles).

Automotive industry

Xiaomi is going to invest $ 10 billion in the development of electric vehicles in the next ten years. At the first stage, 1.5 of them will be invested. No more specific data has been named.

For some reason, the company showed a mobile home, in which smart home devices are integrated, but this hardly has anything to do with future Xiaomi cars:

More details will be announced in the future, but for now we will wait for other electric vehicles.

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