Earlier this year, Fitbit unveiled the flagship Sense smartwatch, positioning it as a premium device competing with the Apple Watch. They have all the best the company has to offer today, including the function of taking an electrocardiogram.

However, things did not work out in the best way. The soon-to-be-owned Google company has announced that it has identified some problems with the ECG sensor, and it seems that they cannot be solved with a simple software update. Therefore, Fitbit has decided to recall all Sense smartwatches sold to consumers.

In emails sent to customers, the company will replace faulty Sense units with new ones. However, no details were provided about the nature of the failure and how to verify that the device is defective.


The Fitbit email says: “We have identified a hardware issue with your device that may affect its performance. Please return the watch to us. For maximum usability Fitbit will provide you with a replacement free of charge. Keep all original accessories such as the charging cable and bracelet – you will only receive a replacement device. “

The replacement is proposed to be made using postage. While some customers perceived the email as a scam, Fitbit has confirmed that it is reaching out to users who have purchased the Sense and providing instructions on how to send the smartwatch to get a new working device. The company insists that customers communicate by email and does not disclose any other information through public channels.

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