It is reported that the new MacBook Pro will be released later this year and will be based on the Apple M1X SoC. Apple will update its MacBook Air lineup next year with a completely redesigned design and Apple M2 SoC.

The Apple M1X mobile platform is to be built using TSMC N5P, an enhanced version of the 5nm process used to manufacture the Apple M1. It is expected that the Apple M1X will receive a 10-core processor with 8 large and 2 energy-efficient cores. While the Apple M1 has a 4 + 4 core configuration, the number of GPU cores (8 in the Apple M1) can be doubled or even quadrupled. There may also be a new Mac mini with an Apple M1X.

First details about Apple M1X and Apple M2 SoCs in new MacBook Pro and MacBook

As for the Apple M2, it is expected that the platform will have fewer cores in the central processing unit, but the platform will move to a new architecture and workflow. This implies higher clock speeds. Previously, Nikkei Asia said that Apple will order 3nm single-chip systems next year. Presumably, we are talking about Apple M2.

At the same time, it is reported that devices based on Apple M2 will receive passive cooling, while devices with Apple M1X will use a fan.

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