According to BBC News, the FBI, working with the Australian government, has detained more than 800 criminals around the world involved in drug smuggling, money laundering, murder and more, thanks to the encrypted messaging app ANOM.

According to a police statement, drug dealer Hakan Ayik was instrumental in the success of the operation by obtaining a police phone with the ANOM app, which he then recommended to his accomplices. In total, ANOM has run on 12,000 devices in 300 crime syndicates in over 100 countries.

All they talk about is drugs, violence, attacks on each other, innocent people they are about to kill, and more.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw

FBI messenger allowed to detain 800 criminals, seize 8 tons of cocaine, 250 weapons and more than 48 million dollars

Items seized during the operation included drugs, weapons, luxury cars and cash. In particular, 8 tons of cocaine, 250 weapons and $ 48 million in various currencies and cryptocurrencies were seized.

The operation is reportedly still ongoing in several other countries, with about 9,000 police officers deployed worldwide.

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