According to The Verge, Facebook will unveil its smartwatch in the summer of 2022. They will receive two cameras and a detachable display.

One camera, which is logical, is intended for video communication. The second one will be used to shoot video with the display disconnected. How this will be implemented is not clear. It seems to me that the strap will not be attached to the watch, but to the pad with magnets, so that the main part can be detached and removed.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Media

Facebook is now partnering with various manufacturers to create accessories that will allow you to attach your camera to clothing, bags, and more.

Zuckerberg also plans to associate the watch with augmented reality glasses, which, in his opinion, will soon become as common a thing as smartphones. The idea behind a detachable display in a watch is as follows: Zuckerberg suggests using the watch as a smartphone.

The watch is expected to come in white, black and gold. The body will be made of steel, and the price will be $ 400 (about 29 thousand rubles). A revised Android with Facebook services will be used as a system.

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