American startup UPspec Gaming has introduced xScreen, an external display that turns the Xbox Series S into a kind of portable console.

The display comes with a massive docking station, and it significantly expands the size of the set-top box:

The dock attaches to the console using latches on the sides, as well as HDMI and USB on the back of the Xbox.

The device weighs 695 grams. Source: UPspec Gaming

The screen is small – 11.6 inches. Its resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels, and the image refresh rate is 60 Hz. Matrix type – IPS. A great option for a specific console. Also UPspec Gaming xScreen received a speaker with an output power of 5 watts.

The very first batch has already been sorted out on the official website of the startup, but don’t despair: UPspec Gaming will launch a Kickstarter campaign this summer. Estimated price – $ 250 (about 18 thousand rubles).

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