Recently, the sharp drop in the Bitcoin exchange rate is associated with Tesla’s refusal to accept this cryptocurrency as payment for its electric cars: then Elon Musk spoke out very categorically due to the fact that “dirty” energy sources such as coal are mainly used for Bitcoin mining. fuel oil and others. After that, several conferences were held, in which the more massive use of “green” energy sources for the production of cryptocurrencies was discussed. The approach of the British farmer, about which the source writes, could serve as an example of the rational use of natural resources in the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

Elon Musk would approve.  British farmer uses cow dung to power an Ethereum mining farm

Farmer Philip Hughe uses a plant that generates electricity from cow dung. A third of the electricity generated goes to power the mining farm, which has a total of £ 18,000 worth of 3D cards installed, and the rest goes to the livestock farm and the adjoining campground. The scheme of the installation seems to be classic: manure is mixed with water and put into fermenters. They produce methane, and the methane is used by engines connected to generators – they generate electricity. Hughes’ mining farm aims to mine Ethereum.

The farmer tried to convince his friends and colleagues to install similar installations connected to mining farms, but the uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market is holding back people’s enthusiasm. The CEO of the British Hydropower Association, Simon Hamlyn, said that of the 290 members of the organization, he knows only two who have ventured into cryptocurrency mining. One set up mining farms in Northern Ireland, while the other was the victim of a robbery: thieves stole his equipment used to mine cryptocurrencies.

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