The founder of Tesla and SpaceX posted on his Twitter page a photo of the new Starship SN16 spacecraft, which is due to launch soon.

In early May, the Starship SN15 prototype successfully completed its test flight, first taking off and then landing in Boca Chica, Texas. Following this landmark event, Elon Musk said SN15 could be relaunched “soon.”

Elon Musk first showed the new starship SN16 spacecraft

There is no new information yet for Starship SN15, but the company is preparing to launch Starship SN16. There is a booster rocket next to the spacecraft, which is supposed to take the ship into space.

Presumably, Starship SN15 or Starship SN16 will be re-launched along the same flight path, as SpaceX will seek to confirm that the first successful flight was not an accident.

There is no new launch date yet. It will be influenced by weather conditions and other factors.

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