Elago has introduced a case for the Siri Remote, which features a recess for the AirTag tracker. As we know, Apple hasn’t been generous with installing the U1 chip in the remote, so you have to get out.

This is a silicone case that will protect the remote from being dropped. True, there are no glass elements, like in the past Siri Remote, which means that there is nothing to protect.

Due to the label hidden in the case, the remote control received a small hump. In theory, this will make the remote control even more comfortable to hold. The main thing is not to forget to hide it in a plastic bag.

Case price – 15 dollars (about 1100 rubles). If you have an old remote control, but you still don’t want to lose it, you can purchase a plastic case printed on a 3D printer. It costs 13 dollars (about 960 rubles).

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