Dude With Sign: Impact and Influence in Modern Protests

Jane Francis | October 18, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to encounter minor annoyances that can build up over time. One man has taken it upon himself to address these everyday problems in a humorous and relatable way. 

Using just a piece of cardboard and a marker, he creates signs that protest against issues that resonate with many, from the disproportion of air to chips in snack bags to the additional cost of guacamole.

Meet Seth Phillips, better known as the “dude with sign” on social media, who has gained a following for his lighthearted protests in the streets of New York City. His amusing cardboard signs have become a source of laughter and inspiration for many amidst a world filled with serious news, such as the Biden administration’s dealings with the Covid-19 vaccine. 

As you read on, expect to encounter some of Seth’s most entertaining and relatable signs that might just put a smile on your face, and perhaps even spark a discussion in the comments section.

Netflix Checking If You’re Napping


Netflix users often face interruptions during long binge-watching sessions, with the platform asking if they are still watching. Streamers would appreciate an option to disable this feature, ensuring seamless viewing of their favorite shows. Implementing such changes is a great opportunity for Netflix to enhance the user experience.

Snow Days Aren’t Just For School

In the past, children eagerly awaited a phone call announcing a snow day, bringing excitement and joy. As adults, the magic of snow days has mostly vanished, except maybe for teachers. The future could bring back the pleasure of snow days for adults by establishing them in the workplace. 


As working from home becomes the norm, it might lose some charm, but a well-deserved snow day can still rekindle the feelings of enjoyment experienced during childhood.

More Crunch, Less Air, Please!


Ensuring adequate chip quantity in bags is crucial for customer satisfaction. The disappointment felt when encountering a bag filled primarily with air is shared by many. By providing more chips per bag, snack companies not only enhance product value, but potentially generate savings for customers as well. Surrounding yourself with signs, streets, markers, and sidewalks reveal the widespread issue.

Halloween & Turkey Day First, Please!

In the middle of October, one might find Christmas decorations being sold in malls, seemingly overlooking Halloween and Thanksgiving. It appears that stores are eager to push through the latter half of the year. 


Instead, appreciating each holiday individually allows for a more enjoyable experience. Starbucks, for example, should focus on celebrating these holidays sequentially rather than rushing toward Christmas.

Who Even Gets Daylight Savings Anyway?


Every year, there are two days when our sleep schedule is disrupted due to gaining or losing an hour. The original purpose of daylight savings was to conserve energy with an additional hour of sunlight. However, nowadays, it no longer serves this purpose, making it quite senseless.

Whose Tinder Pic Is This Anyway?

In the world of dating apps, it’s crucial to avoid using group photos on your profile. When a user sees a group photo, they might be drawn to the most attractive person and hope it’s the profile’s owner. However, disappointment can follow when swiping to the next photo, only to discover it’s not that person. 


Furthermore, some people exclusively post group pictures, leaving users unsure of who they’re connecting with. To maximize your chances of success, steer clear of group photos in your dating app profiles.

Get Your Phrases Right, Seriously!


In the world of marketing and politics, clarity in communication is essential. An example of a commonly misused phrase is “I could care less.” The correct expression is “I couldn’t care less,” which effectively conveys disinterest. Refining one’s language usage promotes accurate messaging.

Nobody Wants Your “Reply All”


Avoid using the reply-all function when responding to company-wide emails, as it may unnecessarily clutter inboxes with personal issues. Ensure accurate communication by addressing the intended recipient directly.

It’s Just a Name, Spell It Right!


Starbucks is infamous for misspelling even the simplest names. For example, “Michelle” may unexpectedly become “Missle.” Though some believe this could be an intentional marketing strategy, in reality, spelling names correctly should not be a difficult task for Starbucks employees.

Worth The $2.70 or Nah?

Guacamole at Chipotle comes with an additional charge of $2.70, making customers question the value of this small portion of avocado and spices. Regular patrons, especially, may feel frustrated by the constant reminder that guacamole is extra, despite their frequent visits. 


Various factors like sponsorships, Old Spice, and podcasts might influence these perceptions, but ultimately, the decision to opt for the pricey guacamole lies with the consumer.

The Early Stand-Up Mindset


Even when the plane’s door remains closed, some individuals hastily rise from their seats, causing unnecessary crowding in the aisle. While stretching may be essential, it’s better to return to one’s seat quickly. Such everyday annoyances can be irksome to coworkers and make life more difficult for young people navigating mundane situations.

Forever Alone

In the bustling Soho neighborhood, as individuals reach their mid to late-twenties, they may find themselves persistently questioned by their older family members about their relationship status. This often becomes an annoying, yet unavoidable part of family gatherings. 


The inquiries typically come from their loving, well-intentioned grandparents, making it difficult to respond with irritation. As cuffing season remains an elusive concept to master, the constant reminders of one’s single status can indeed be a thorn in the side.

Concert Stories = Instant Unfollow

Gone are the days when people savored concerts without documenting every minute of it. With the rise of Snapchat and Instagram stories, anyone can virtually attend a concert through other people’s posts. 


However, such posts often feature background noise like someone singing along, ultimately ruining the experience for the viewer. Therefore, it’s best to unfollow those who overshare concert stories – especially for Gen-Z, who are deeply immersed in social media.

Spending Big Bucks for Those 3 Must-Watch Shows

As the number of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu continues to grow, viewers find themselves subscribing to multiple platforms to catch their favorite shows. 


Consequently, keeping track of passwords and knowing which service offers which show can become increasingly challenging. For example, one might have to pay extra to watch Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show with yet another subscription after using a free trial.



In 2020, internet users took to Instagram to voice their concerns about Sweetgreen’s high salad prices. They started an online movement, #StopSweetGreen2020, gaining a substantial social media following. Their argument: for the cost of one $15 Sweetgreen salad, one could prepare four homemade salads.

“Post Unavailable: Private Account Dilemma”


When sharing memes on Instagram, it may be disappointing to encounter the message “Post Unavailable: This Account is Private.” To prevent this, avoid sending memes from private accounts, as you cannot guarantee that your friends follow the account. Ensuring the post is accessible will ensure everyone can enjoy the humor without any obstacles.

We Get It, You’re a Drake Stan


In 2017, Spotify introduced “Spotify Wrapped,” allowing users to view their yearly listening statistics. Strangely, in 2019, it became a trend for people to share their results on social media platforms. However, it’s crucial to understand that others are not interested in knowing if Kanye West was your most-streamed artist—it holds no significance to your followers.

Waiting On That Album Drop Like…

Olivia Rodrigo, a well-known singer, experienced the anticipation surrounding Kanye West’s long-awaited album “Jesus is King.” Initially scheduled for September 2019, Kanye started recording in August 2018. However, he disregarded the release date and opted for a work-in-progress listening party instead.


The album was set to release on September 27, but the day arrived with no music. Ultimately, the album made its debut on October 25, nearly a month later than expected.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor


Astrology enthusiasts often attribute unfavorable experiences to Mercury being in retrograde. This phenomenon is frequently cited as the cause of daily mishaps, relationship conflicts, and various social issues. By connecting these events to Mercury in retrograde, people find a common explanation for numerous challenges in their lives.

Team Seinfeld Over Friends, Any Day


While the preference between Seinfeld and Friends varies among viewers, it is evident that Seinfeld outshines Friends in certain aspects. The debate remains open as individuals enjoy these shows for differing reasons.