Nvidia recently introduced updated GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards with a built-in hardware mining blocker that halves the performance of adapters when mining Ethereum.

Do miners need to worry?  First benchmarks show GeForce RTX 3060 performance with new mining blocker

The source got hold of such a GeForce RTX 3060 video card and checked how it all works in reality. In this case, the Zotac RTX 3060 LHR Apocalypse GOC adapter was used.

The adapter itself is not particularly interesting to us now, as well as its gaming performance, because it has not changed in any way relative to the usual RTX 3060.

As for mining, the performance of the new item out of the box is 20-22 MH / s. A typical RTX 3060 produces around 40 MH / s. At the same time, those cards that caught the first version of the blocker worked a little differently: for the first seconds they gave out the maximum 40 MH / s, and then the performance dropped to 20 MH / s.

That is, everything works, almost as before, but now supposedly bypassing the blocker will not work. On the other hand, it is active only in the case of Ethereum mining, so miners may still be interested in such video cards.

Also, the network got data on the performance of the upcoming RTX 3080 Ti, which also has a blocker. Such an adapter produces about 58 MH / s. This is a lot, but the adapter will cost a lot.

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