Google last year implemented a new feature for working with groups of tabs in the proprietary browser Google Chrome. First, it appeared in the desktop browser, and then on the mobile one. Surprisingly, but not all Google Chrome users liked the innovation.

Disgruntled users rallied against Google Chrome tab groups

There are especially many complaints about the display in the mobile browser of all open tabs not as a carousel ladder, but in the form of a grid. And even more dissatisfied appeared when the ability to disable new groups of tabs after launching in the stable version disappeared in the mobile browser.

Disgruntled users rallied against Google Chrome tab groups
It was, it was

There are a lot of complaints both on foreign forums and on Russian ones. But what can I say, dissatisfaction is expressed even in the comments to our news about the next innovations for groups of tabs.

As a result, disgruntled users decided to rally and express their claims in a more visible way for Google. There are already several petitions on the platform demanding either the old design be returned or the ability to manually disable the feature be implemented.

In total, over a thousand people signed up for these petitions. Which, of course, is quite a bit, if you measure the scale of Google. It is unlikely that Google will go on canceling, but the company continues to bring the work with groups of tabs to mind and, perhaps, in the future we will be offered more convenient solutions.

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