The recently introduced Nintendo Switch OLED game console came as a surprise to everyone, as all the rumors and leaks talked about the release of a more productive Switch Pro, and here we received only a slightly updated console. And, according to Nintendo, nothing else should be expected anytime soon.

Disappointing information for Nintendo fans.  No other gaming console besides Switch OLED is coming soon

The company said on Twitter that the Switch OLED will go on sale in October this year, and Nintendo currently has no plans to launch any other model. Of course, this does not mean that Switch Pro will not be released at all in the foreseeable future, but this year, apparently, it is unlikely.

The company also denied information that when the price of the console for buyers increased by $ 50 relative to a regular Switch, the cost of components increased by only 10%. More specifically, Nintendo said the information about the Switch OLED’s improved ROI is incorrect.

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