Hello everyone! This is a fresh piece of news from the gaming industry of the past week. Also here you will find a couple of trailers and games coming out next week.

What happened?

Last week we had news of the announcement of the new Nintendo Switch, and contrary to all rumors, this is not the Pro version. There is even a feeling that Nintendo did it on purpose to wipe the nose of journalists leaking information ahead of time. But a couple of rumors still came true: the new Switch will have an OLED display and a LAN port, but the hardware will remain the same – no 4K and DLSS. More details in our newsletter:

From you 10 dollars

At the next State of Play, Sony showed several trailers and nine minutes of Deathloop gameplay, but the most interesting was the trailer for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and details about the game. The Director’s Cut will be released on September 24 only on PlayStation 5. The game can already be pre-ordered for 3599 rubles, and the upgrade from PS4 will cost $ 10 – there is no exact price in rubles yet, it will be possible to update only after the release.

What will be included in the Director’s Cut:

  • New storyline, no details yet;
  • New weapons: stationary machine gun and electric gun;
  • New techniques in close combat – for example, you can fly into the enemy with two feet;
  • A shooting range where you can test weapons and practice;
  • Special racing tracks with special racing cars;
  • New tools and buildings: a springboard, a cargo cannon, a supportive exoskeleton and a fun “legs” bot that can transport you and your cargo.

Plus, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will have all the additional content for the PC version – integrations from Cyberpunk 2077 and Half-Life: Alyx. Naturally, on PlayStation 5, the game will support DualSense capabilities and have two modes: true 4K and scalable 4K and 60 fps. Nothing was said about the release of Director’s Cut on PC, but it is assumed that it will happen about six months after the PlayStation version.

Hong Kong and Robocop

On July 6, the French publisher Nacon held a short presentation of their projects. Among them was information about both announced projects and completely new ones. Briefly about the most interesting.

Announcement Date and Race Location Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown – The game will be released on September 22, 2022 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, with Hong Kong Island being the venue for the open world races. One of the features of the Test Drive Unlimited series is the location itself. For example, in the first part it was the real island of Oahu on a one-to-one scale. It is clear that the game does not copy absolutely all streets, but the similarities are quite close, which means that the same can be expected in Solar Crown. In addition to a rather large metropolis with narrow streets, high-speed highways and high skyscrapers, it will be possible to ride outside the city – along the beaches and forests. As part of the MMO component, you will have to choose one of the two clans and take part in their confrontation, but Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown can be played alone. But the gameplay of the game was never shown.

The creators of Terminator: Resistance have announced RoboCop: Rogue City. On the one hand, the Terminator game was quite budgetary, but on the other hand, the release date is only set for 2023, so the developers have plenty of time to do well. Details on RoboCop: Rogue City are few. It will be a first-person shooter in which you have to clear the streets of “old Detroit” from crime. In this case, the plot will not be based on any of the existing works.

The developer of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum revealed some more details about his game. We already know that this will mainly be a stealth game where you, as Gollum, will have to go from escaping from Mordor to the mines of Moria. You will be able to see the world of Middle-earth through the prism of Gollum and even make some decisions – recall that he often talked to himself. Along the way, you can meet other famous characters like Gandalf and the king of the elves Thranduil. But the commander of the Barad-Dur fortress had not been shown anywhere before.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be released in Fall 2022 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

New gameplay of Steelrising – RPG in an alternative Paris of the late 18th century. Louis XVI and his army of robots are terrorizing the city, and you, in the role of Aegis (also a robot), must stop them. It is not yet clear whether it will be a slasher like Nier or something more complex like Dark Souls, but the detailing of the robots and animations in the trailer looks good.

Steelrising will launch in June 2022 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Ad Infinitum was originally announced back in 2015, but then abandoned. Now they have returned to the game, but it will not be released until 2023. In the story, we play as a German fighter of the First World War, who returned home. But the war did not leave him, and the injuries received in the battles turn his life into a surreal horror filled with nightmarish hallucinations.

Endless Assassins

Journalist Jason Schreier from Bloomberg once again shared an insider: Ubisoft studio is preparing not just a new game for the Assassin’s Creed series, but a whole platform.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity is something of a service that will add both large games in the series and small additions. It may even be games in a different genre and setting, but they will all have something in common. According to Schreier, Ubisoft wants to try to make its own Fortnite and GTA Online, only about the Assassin’s Creed universe. But the most interesting thing is that Ubisoft officially confirmed the existence of Assassin’s Creed Infinity – however, did not go into details. Their goal is to exceed fan expectations and create a production environment where the fate of a game does not depend on just one development team.

What was shown?

Gameplay The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD:

Continuation of the adventure of the cute mouse – Moss: Book 2:

A bit of new Bright Memory: Infinite gameplay:

New gameplay of dynamic fighting game Sifu:

What to play?

July 13

Where the Heart Leads (PlayStation) is a walking and dialogue simulator where you find yourself out of time to save your dog from death. Now you have the opportunity to look at your life and change its key points. There are about 100 endings in the game, depending on these changes.

the 14 th of July

Motors of Magic: Traveling Cities (PC Early Access) is a mix of RTS, Tower Defense and Factorio. You have a city to defend and supply resources to it. One of the peculiarities of the city is that it can fly, but it is clear that you cannot carry all the buildings with you: they weigh a lot and require fuel. So you have to look for balance and at the same time defend against constantly attacking monsters.

July 16

F1 2021 (PC, PlayStation and Xbox) – The F1 series needs no introduction, as does its creators Codemasters: it is currently the only decent racing game for Formula 1 fans. The only serious problem is the greatly increased price: 2,999 rubles versus 1,085 for the 2020 version.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (Switch) is a remaster of the Wii version, made for motion controllers, and now redesigned for joycon and gamepad control. Simply put: swinging a joycon is swinging a sword in a game. According to the plot, Skyward Sword is a prequel to all parts of The Legend of Zelda, so you can get acquainted with the main character of the series – Link. And in terms of gameplay, it’s an epic third-person action adventure.

That’s all, see you next week!

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