Daimler Will Have To Shell Out Nearly $ 3 Billion To Resolve The Diesel Test fraud Scandal In The US

Half of this amount will be received by the US authorities

Daimler announced that it has reached nearly $ 3 billion in agreements that will resolve US regulatory investigations and lawsuits from vehicle owners related to software fraud that underestimated diesel emissions during tests.

The agreements primarily relate to civil and environmental claims related to 250,000 diesel cars and vans and include claims from the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Justice, California Air Resources Board (CARB) and California Attorney General’s Office.

The German automaker expects that settlements with the US authorities will amount to $ 1.5 billion, with car owners – about $ 700 million, and the remainder of the amount is estimated for further costs “to meet the requirements of the agreements.”

Details are to be released after US District Court agreements are filed. This is expected to happen in mid-September.

Source: Reuters

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