Kickstarter launched a fundraiser for a very useful accessory: a cyclist jacket with built-in airbags. The pillows deploy automatically in the event of a fall or collision.

Looks like a regular jacket. Perhaps with reflective panels, but they do not surprise either. The jacket is protected from wind and moisture, breathable polyester.

Cirrus jacket with inflated airbags

The pillows, as I said, will only inflate upon a fall or collision. The crash sensor will hide under the bike seat.

The pillows inflate in 0.08 seconds. Inside is a CO2 bottle that needs to be changed after each use. The system itself will have to be charged. One charge lasts for a week.

Cirrus Jacket Kickstarter Price – 438 euro (about 39 thousand rubles). The first sponsors will begin to receive “equipment” in September this year.

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