The App Store is positioned by Apple as a secure platform, but cybercriminals can also slip into it. An example is the story with the Trezor app.

An iPhone user named Phillipe Christodoulou downloaded the app from the App Store, believing it to be a companion to the eponymous hardware crypto wallet he uses. In fact, it was a fake application and with its help the attackers stole all Christodoulou’s savings – about $ 600,000, using the login details entered by a gullible user.

Cybercriminals stole $ 1.6 million worth of cryptocurrencies by publishing fake app in Apple Appl Store

Christodoulou is not alone. The victims of the program were at least five people from whom cryptocurrencies totaling $ 1.6 million were stolen.

To get into the App Store, the attackers misled Apple by describing their program as a file encryption tool. She even received a five-star rating.

The program has now been removed. Apple does not disclose the data of the authors of the program. It is also unknown whether she contacted the police and whether the victims will receive compensation.

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