In mid-May, a Gucci pop-up, combined with a cafe, opened on Malaya Bronnaya. The establishment will close on June 20, so hurry up if you are going.

Photo: “Afisha Daily”

Most of all Muscovites, apparently, were attracted by green cups with branding. They were so attracted that they began to be resold at Avito.

Prices range from 300 to 15,000 rubles. All cups are clean, as the sellers assure. Well, and without the quotes “add luxury to your life” and “do not save on show-off” was not without.

However, there is nothing to be surprised at: on the same Avito one can find a bunch of ads with packages from TSUM, Gucci and other boutiques. On March 8, offers appear to be photographed with a bouquet of flowers and a box from under the latest iPhone. Last year, for example, they offered to arrange a photo shoot with the PlayStation 5.

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