Suddenly in Turkey, the Jungle Runner 2k21 app turned out to be popular among iOS users. A simple and at the same time very crooked runner about a monkey running after bananas was downloaded so often that it attracted the attention of developer Costa Eleftheriou.

Costa downloaded Jungle Runner 2k21 while in the US. In this country, the game was not popular at all. This runner turned out to be downright terrible: bad graphics, terrible translation.

Then the developer launched the game with the VPN enabled, the game “redirected” his smartphone to Turkey. And an interesting thing began: instead of a monkey, Costa saw a casino with the ability to pay with cryptocurrency. He tweeted about this amazing experience.

The app has already been removed from the App Store. However, the developer of Jungle Runner 2k21 still has similar applications, as he writes about The vergebut they have not been removed yet. Here we can say that the rules of the store do not prohibit the placement of casino applications, but the fact that it was hiding under the guise of a harmless game looks, to put it mildly, not very good.

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