Corning is in the final stages of developing the first safety glass for foldable devices. The elec reports it concerning a company representative.

The company did not give any specific details, except for one fact: the glass will appear on devices already in 2021. What kind of smartphone it will be is unknown. But we can say that this is definitely not Samsung – the Korean company signed a three-year agreement with Schott, a supplier of protective glasses for the Folds, which were shown in 2020.


According to The Elec, Schott can produce up to 700,000 glasses a month, but Samsung sold only 2.7 million foldable smartphones in a year, which is only 60% of its original plan.

Therefore, Corning must be prepared that flexible protective glass may not be as popular as the company is counting on. Plus, it’s not clear which smartphones this glass will be installed on because the main buyer is busy.


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