The creators of a new type of personal aircraft called the CopterPack call it a manned drone or a helicopter backpack. The video demonstrates how the first tests of this device took place.

The development is carried out by the Australian company of the same name. CopterPack uses only two propellers, which are about 90 cm in diameter. They are connected to a rigid frame that holds the batteries and two armrests with controls.

CopterPack manned drone or helicopter backpack made its first flight

Whereas unmanned aerial vehicles with four or more propellers can self-stabilize by simply varying the speeds of their fixed rotors, the twin-rotor design does so by varying the angle of inclination of the rotors and the thrust vector.

The flight looks very controlled, at first the pilot smoothly rises to a great height above the beach, then demonstrates the Copterpack’s movement in different directions, after which he also gently lowers to the ground.

It is not yet clear how such a system will take root. The propellers are closed only at the side, but they remain open above and below and present a danger to the pilot. There is also a chance of birds getting inside due to the large diameter of the propellers.

The company has yet to provide any real details about CopterPack.

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