In Russia, amendments to legislation are already being developed regarding mechanisms for confiscating digital assets that have become sources of income from crime. That is, including the mechanisms for confiscating cryptocurrency.

Confiscation of cryptocurrencies in Russia may soon become a reality.  Work on the relevant amendments is already underway

The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov said that work on the appropriate changes was already underway.

A serious challenge is the criminal use of cryptocurrencies in our country. A significant step in overcoming this problem was the adoption in July 2020 of the federal law “On digital assets”. Currently, work is underway to amend the criminal and criminal procedural legislation. This will allow for restrictive measures and confiscation of virtual assets.

The latency of these criminal acts has recently been aggravated by the use of cryptoassets as bribes, the performance of cryptocurrency exchange operations as a way of laundering stolen budget funds

There are no other details yet, so the mechanisms themselves are still in question.

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