The VKontakte team announced the launch of a new convenient function in the social network – calls from communities, thus, administrators will have a new channel for live communication with the audience.

Community calls were launched on VKontakte

As the developers note, now it will become easier for community administrators to organize master classes with discussions, personally thank for the support of users who have subscribed to a paid VK Donut subscription, or simply communicate in the evenings with those who share interests. There will be less confusion for the subscribers themselves: now they will be called directly by communities they know, and not by strangers.

The call can be immediately broadcast to the group – not only subscribers, but also page guests will watch it. In addition, communities can join an already started call – this will allow organizing meetings for several communities at once.

Community calls were launched on VKontakte

To make calls from communities not intrusive, a special privacy setting has appeared on VKontakte. By default, only calls from communities that the user is subscribed to are allowed, but you can also allow calls from everyone or deny them altogether.

While the new feature is being tested and available to a limited number of groups and communities. The developers plan to collect feedback and take them into account in the next widespread launch.

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