On Sunday, May 2, the Clubhouse developers released another update, where they introduced several new features. The innovations, of course, are not very interesting to us, since the service itself is not popular in our country.

But in update list there is one noteworthy point:

The Android version hasn’t launched yet, but we’ve started rolling out a rough beta version to a few friendly testers. If you hear someone say they are using the official Clubhouse Android app, please give them a warm welcome! We look forward to welcoming more Android users to Clubhouse in the coming weeks 🙂 🎉


To summarize, the closed beta testing of the Android version of the service has already begun, and soon either an open beta test will begin, or the official Clubhouse application will be released.

This is how the Russian Clubhouse has become by May 2021. All the people I followed, apparently, hadn’t come here for several months. The service itself invites me to listen to rooms where two people are discussing astrology. Photo: Ilya Kichaev / Media

Will the update lead to a significant increase in a service that too quickly turned out to be of no interest to anyone?

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