The team of the VKontakte social network and the My.Games gaming brand, which is part of the Group, have launched a new joint project – Cloud Games have appeared in the gaming section of the VKontakte web version.

Cloud games appeared on VKontakte

The My.Games Cloud catalog has become available through a single account VK Connect, you can find it in the “Games” section of the social network.

At the first login, the user will need to install a special game center My.Games Store, which is currently only available for Windows. After installation, the VK Connect authorization window will appear, then the player will have to go to the CloudGaming tab.

You can play My.Games Cloud games even on a rather weak laptop or desktop PC, they do not need to be downloaded and installed on a computer – they are launched remotely and the gameplay is broadcast to the device.

At the moment, My.Games Cloud has more than 300 games in its catalog from such developers as Techland, Gaijin, Nacon, Funcom, Paradox Int, CCP Games, My.Games. The number of registered users has almost reached 1 million.

The user can choose from three My.Games Cloud subscription options. At the basic rate, players have access to 10 free game hours per month. Ultra is priced at RUB 1199 per month and supports 4K and 120 fps gaming, while Medium costs RUB 599 per month. Both plans are unlimited and do not contain ads.

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