If before the choice of vacuum cleaners was small, today even the types of models have become much larger. To those equipped with bags, containers and an aquafilter, robots and cordless vacuum cleaners were added. Moreover, the same robots can cost both 7,000 rubles and 50,000. Therefore, we decided to split our rating of the best vacuum cleaners into several cost categories: budget, middle category and premium models. At the same time, it’s not a fact that devices from the first to a candle are not suitable for the elite class. They just have a little less power, a set of options, and the materials are simpler.

So what are the fun things to find in the stores?

The best home vacuum cleaners in the budget segment

Robot vacuum cleaner 360 C50-1

  • Orienteering gyroscope
  • Smartphone control

The kit includes a remote control, but you can start and set the cleaning schedule through the application in your smartphone.

360 C50-1 can carry out both dry and wet cleaning. For wet, you will need to secure a microfiber cloth (included) and pour water into the container. A dry vacuum cleaner can be carried out in several power modes. At the minimum power, the battery capacity is enough for 2 hours of cleaning, in the standard one – for about 40 minutes. As soon as the battery is close to discharge, the vacuum cleaner will independently go to recharge at the station.

Container vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4326

  • Suction power: 350 W
  • Cyclone filter

The suction power is not the highest, but sufficient for hard floors and carpets.

For any height, you can adjust the telescopic tube so that it is convenient to vacuum. The model has a long cord (6 m), so you do not have to switch it from outlet to outlet often.

The best vacuum cleaners 2020 in the middle price segment

Container vacuum cleaner LG VK76W02HY

  • Suction power: 380 W
  • Dust pressing system
  • HEPA12 filter

This solution not only allows you to hold more garbage, but also makes emptying the container more hygienic: dust does not fly away when you tip the container into a garbage bag.

With other characteristics, too, everything is fine. Suction power is sufficient for cleaning both hard floors and carpets, and it is easy to operate from the handle. There is a HEPA 12 fine filter at the outlet, so that the air purity is guaranteed. The kit also includes a turbo brush – it greatly facilitates the cleaning process for pet owners.

Vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Bosch BWD41740

  • Aquafilter 2,5 l
  • Wet cleaning tank 5.0 l

A 2.5 liter aqua filter is used as a dust collector, and a 5 liter container is used for wet cleaning. The set includes two floor brushes and various attachments, including detergents.

True, one must understand, like all washing vacuum cleaners, this model is rather heavy and cumbersome. For many users, this feature comes as a surprise.

The best home vacuum cleaners in the premium segment

Atvel Upright G9

  • Suction power: 170 W
  • Two HEPA filters

You may not even have heard of this brand, but not so long ago we tested the Upright G9 and were very pleased with it. That is why we decided to include it in our ranking of the best vacuum cleaners of 2021. This model has a sufficiently powerful motor that provides a suction power of 170 watts. The six-stage filtration system allows you to retain 99.996% of particles up to 0.3 microns in size – such a high degree of purification is important, first of all, for allergy sufferers.

The set, in addition to the main brush, includes attachments for furniture and narrow spaces. Moreover, the storage system is also thought out: a special floor stand allows you to neatly arrange all the tools and the vacuum cleaner itself. The systems for changing nozzles and emptying the waste container are so simple that even a child can handle it.

Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Knows how to build maps
  • Works with Alice

To start cleaning, just press a button or just command with your voice (if you pre-set control through the assistant Alice). Another option is to program by day of the week.

The battery lasts for 3 hours of cleaning. If the battery starts to discharge, the vacuum cleaner will go to charge, and then return to the previous place and continue to work. By the way, he knows how to perform not only dry, but also wet cleaning. All reports (on completion of cleaning or stuck) come to the owner’s smartphone.

By the way, we also have recommendations for highly specialized devices. Here, for example, is a selection of great robotic wet vacuum cleaners. Or read about inexpensive vacuum cleaners up to 10,000 rubles. – also tried and chose.

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