A fairly large Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles – XPeng – is working hard on a new flying car. However, since the vehicle called the Xpeng X2 does not even have wheels, it is more logical to call it a giant drone with a cabin for passengers and cargo.

The model weighs 360 kilograms and at the same time can carry on board up to 560 kilograms loads in the form of several passengers and their luggage. Xpeng X2 is capable of overclocking to 130 km / h… Here, however, the battery life is poor – 35 minutes. That is, taking into account takeoff and landing, as well as the time required to reach maximum speed, in fact, the Xpeng X2 will hardly be able to overcome more than 70 kilometers

If the creators of the novelty succeed, the flying car will move automatically, without human assistance, for which there are many smart sensors. The Xpeng X2 will be officially unveiled this year at the Shanghai Auto Show. Meanwhile, Asus has unveiled the TUF Gaming VG32AQL1A gaming monitor.

Source: Gizmochina

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