Fundraising for the release of the smart chessboard ChessUp is taking place on the KickStarter website. It is going well: although there are still 25 days until the end of the campaign, the authors of the project have already managed to raise more than $ 830,000.

ChessUp Smart Chessboard Already Raised Over $ 830,000

According to the developers, ChessUp takes the game to the next level. By highlighting the squares with three possible colors, the board can show possible moves and their quality. Sensors record the touch to the figures. The board is equipped with a Bluetooth 5 interface and works in tandem with a mobile application that records the course of the game, gives hints, estimates and suggests moves. It uses the chess brain of Stackfish, a free open source engine built on AI algorithms.

The board helps to master the game, raise your level, acts as a rival and coach. It can be used when playing alone or with another player – both sitting opposite or remotely.

A set of board, shapes, case and app will cost the campaign participant $ 249. Shipping is due to start in November.

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