Boston Dynamics, known to many for its Spot robops, has introduced a novelty: Stretch is designed to move boxes in warehouses. It is capable of moving up to 800 boxes per hour, which is comparable to the speed of a person.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Media

The robot is nothing interesting. He does not look like a person or a dog, does not know how to dance and it is better not to push him with all his might. The mobile base is square, it houses wheels for movement, cameras and sensors. Also on the platform is a huge robotic arm with massive suction cups for lifting boxes.

The robot is capable of lifting boxes up to 23 kilograms. Stretch’s main advantage over existing competitors is portability. For its work, you do not need to create guides or special zones – a flat floor is enough.

Boston Dynamics is now looking for clients to test the robot. The price was not disclosed. If everything goes according to plan, the robot will go on sale in 2022.

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