According to a source, the largest online store Amazon has figured out how to help employees working in its warehouses to get rid of stress and overwork. The company will place small ZenBooth booths in warehouses that resemble telephone booths.

There, workers will be able to practice a proprietary program called AmaZen, which works “through mindfulness practices in individual interactive kiosks in buildings.” The booths are part of the Amazon WorkingWell program announced earlier this month.

Booths for secluded video viewing will appear in Amazon warehouses

A tiny booth, complete with plants, brochures, a fan and a computer on which to play videos of the employee’s choice.

An Amazon employee named Leila Brown who designed the booth describes her intentions as follows: “With AmaZen, I wanted to create a quiet space so people can focus on their mental and emotional well-being.”

According to Leila, in the booth you can “recharge your internal battery.”

The aforementioned Amazon WorkingWell program was a reaction from a company that has been criticized for its poor working conditions, grueling 10-hour shifts, higher than industry average occupational injuries and intimidation of unions. Workers recently sued the company for failing to comply with statutory 30-minute breaks. Employees also complained about “chronically understaffed” shifts that prevented them from taking 10-minute rest breaks.

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