Several years ago, a number of companies took up projects to create supersonic passenger aircraft. One such company is Boom Technology.

Boom Overture supersonic airliners have their first potential customer

While it is just preparing to conduct the first tests of a small prototype XB-1, but now United Airlines has announced that it is ready to buy 15 Overture airliners as soon as they are ready and meet all safety standards. In addition, United Airlines is ready to expand the order to 50 aircraft.

Of course, supersonic passenger aircraft, if everything goes well with them, will be of interest to many companies, but United Airlines seems to be the first to announce specific targets for the purchase of such airliners.

So far, Boom plans to make Overture’s first commercial flight in 2029. But besides the complexity of creating such an aircraft directly, the company and carriers will face a number of other issues, including the existing bans on supersonic flights for passenger aircraft.

The Overture airliner, according to Boom’s website, will carry 65-88 passengers. It will fly at speeds up to 1.7 Mach at an altitude of over 18 km. In this case, some kind of environmentally friendly fuel will be used.

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