Xiaomi has sued the blogger who posted false negative reviews of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphones. The man paid compensation and publicly apologized, which attracted public attention.

On August 17, 2020, I published false reviews of two Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra mobile phones on the JD platform. I must admit that the product reviews I have posted are untrue and undermine Xiaomi’s reputation. I am sorry for this mistake and I sincerely apologize.


On August 11, 2020, the blogger announced that he had bought two Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra phones, and on August 17, he published his reviews. In the first case, he says that he used the smartphone for a week, during which he rebooted eight times. The temperature rose to 50 ° C, while it discharges in just two hours. In another review, he also added that the smartphone is quickly discharged, slows down, the camera is soapy, and smartphones are not waterproof.

Blogger forced to apologize and fined for false reviews of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

The court found that the blogger received the phones only on the 16th, that is, he could not use them for a week, and he did not even open the second smartphone and immediately resold it. As a result, it became known that he was just throwing mud at the company, while his reviews were re-posted by many netizens.

The court forced him to pay compensation of about $ 5,000 and issue a public apology.

Recently it became known that the mother of another blogger accidentally leaked a video with the unboxing of the flagship Xiaomi, for which he will pay a fine of $ 150,000.

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