The once very popular, but then sunk into the abyss of history, the Canadian smartphone brand BlackBerry dreams of making a spectacular comeback in 2021. Today, there was information that a new “blackberry” device should enter the market in the middle of this year.

He will receive a proprietary physical keyboard. The brand’s gadgets were famous in those years when it was still popular, support for fifth-generation networks and even a flagship-level camera. Particular emphasis is placed on the highest level of protection against data leaks and other network threats that other modern smartphones cannot provide.

A new company, a Texas-based company OnwardMobility, specializing in data protection technologies, will be engaged in developing new items. It will be assisted by FIH Mobile, a division of the Taiwanese giant Foxconn, known primarily for the production of iPhones and other Apple gadgets. It is reported that the new BlackBerry smartphone will be presented in the markets of Europe, North America and Asia.

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Source: Gizmochina

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