Elon Musk posted on Twitter a new and rather short message consisting of the word Bitcoin and a couple of emojis – an image of Bitcoin and a broken heart. The tweet is accompanied by a meme that can be translated as follows:

She: I know I said it would be over between us if you quote another Linkin Park song, but I found someone else.

He: So it didn’t matter in the end?

We will remind, earlier Tesla bought Bitcoin for one and a half billion dollars, but subsequently the cryptocurrency collapsed greatly – almost twice. True, it did not collapse on its own, but against the background of the messages of the same Elon Musk on the same Twitter. In particular, the turning point for the Bitcoin exchange rate was Tesla’s refusal to accept this cryptocurrency as payment for its cars due to the fact that energy from sources that harm the environment is used for mining.

Bitcoin price declined amid new message from Elon Musk on Twitter
The circle indicates the estimated time of posting

Against the background of Musk’s new tweet, the value of Bitcoin fell by 3%, and in just a day – by about 5.5%. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at about $ 36,500.

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