It looks like IT enthusiasts have a new fun: to get some old device to mine cryptocurrency. It is unlikely that this initiative will be more popular than the launch of DOOM, but still.

Bitcoin mining with a yield of $ 2 over 100,000 years.  The old Game Boy console was taught to mine cryptocurrency

An example has appeared on the Web that even a very old and specific device can be forced to mine. In this case, we are talking about the Game Boy portable game console. Recall that this is a console released back in 1989 and based on an eight-bit Sharp processor with a frequency of 4 MHz.

Of course, the enthusiasts had to work hard. In particular, using a Raspberry Pi to connect the device to the network and configure the software for the incredibly modest characteristics of the console.

As a result, the process was launched successfully. True, the performance was only 0.8 H / s, which is eight orders of magnitude less than that of sufficiently powerful modern video cards. In terms of dollars, at the current Bitcoin exchange rate, this corresponds to about 2 dollars per 100,000 years.

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