• Battery working time: 20 min
  • Clean water tank volume: 360 ml
  • Dirty water tank volume: 140 ml

Due to the fact that the mop automatically uses the required amount of liquid, after washing the floor dries up in just 2 minutes. The roller attachment attaches to the handle with a flexible hinge that allows you to quickly change the direction of the squeegee when cleaning. You can store the device and additional attachments in the docking station that comes with the kit.

KARCHER also has a more advanced FC 7 Premium model. It costs almost double the price of the FC 3 CORDLESS and is equipped with 4 rollers that rotate in different directions. This allows debris and spilled liquids to be quickly collected in a separate container.

Thomas bionic washstick

  • Battery working time: 80 min
  • Clean water tank volume: 500 ml
  • Dirty water tank volume: 500 ml

The floor nozzles are not located next to each other, but under each other. They rotate in different directions, carefully collecting debris. Among the disadvantages of this model, users note its high price and the fact that the battery will have to be replaced after some time of use.

Xiaomi SWDK Electric Mop D260

  • Battery working time: 50 min
  • Clean water tank volume: 230 ml

However, this model does not have a dirty water tank. The device sprays liquid in front of itself, and does not supply it to rags (different options for different surfaces are included in the kit). And then the process differs little from cleaning with an ordinary mop. In addition, 230 ml of water is only enough to clean one small room, and then the tank will have to be refilled.

Clever & Clean GLIDER A5

  • Battery working time: 40 min
  • Clean water tank volume: 300 ml

Note that the device charges faster than other models – in just 150 minutes. It is also equipped with a convenient telescopic handle, with which you can adjust the mop to your height. This model costs about 10,000 rubles.

Kitfort KT-574

  • Battery working time: 70 min

The mop comes with two sets of cloths of different hardness. You can even clean windows with the soft nozzle. The handle can be rotated and tilted 180 degrees, allowing you to clean even hard-to-reach areas under sofas and cupboards with this mop.

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