Beauty geography: Paris, New York and Capri as sources of inspiration

Beauty geography: Paris, New York and Capri as sources of inspiration

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Spring 2020 By Terry is dedicated to Paris. Stamps in general have long taken fashion inspired by geographical points. And it is easy to see that for some reason they are often inspired by the same places. What would this mean? .. Masha Botvinina finds out.

Sometimes, when you read a lot of press releases, it seems that you are traveling on some train such as Orient-Express, which follows the intricate ring-closed route Capri – Sicily – Naples – Tokyo – New York – Paris – and … we went back. Stamps juggle with the names of countries, cities and specific places, obviously assuming that every beautygirl who was woken up at night will remember in detail what Tokyo Rock Garden, Parisian Maxim’s Restaurant and scandalous New York Club Studio 54 look like.

To what extent this knowledge is important for a beauty-seeker is a debatable question. (Perhaps the persistence of lipsticks and the saturation of shadows occupy him more 🙂 But just in case, we made up something like a beauty guide, with which you can understand what the creators wanted to say, appealing to geography.

Capri, Amalfi and more Mediterranean

The main thing you need to know about the Italian islands is that in the summer they all smell like the burning sun, sea salt, oranges and other citrus fruits, plus jasmine and neroli, plus bergamot, plus rosemary and cypresses, cypresses. Which together constitutes happiness. Many perfumers and brands tried and try to collect these smells in one bottle, but Casamorati creator Sergio Moma, with his aroma dedication Amalfi, Tom Ford with his declaration of love for Portofino and Dolce with Gabbana, who shot Light advertising on Capri, was the best at it. Blue, and the location of the movie has become the same cultural code as the Villa San Michele of Dr. Axel Munte.

In addition to smells, Italian coastal towns are excited by colors: desperate blue (sea), white (houses, houses, yachts, sails), terracotta (churches and piers), dusted greens (olives), hot gold (and perfectly tanned bodies). The temptation to combine them in one collection is obviously great. Neither Chanel nor Dolce & Gabbana could not resist. The latter generally sing the eternal song of Sicily, where Mount Etna gurgles, the Italian mafia is alive, and women wear black lace underwear and red lipstick.

Studio 54

The scandalous club opened on April 26, 1977 at the intersection of Broadway and 54 street, about the next 33 months of the most high-profile and depraved parties, legends and books are still being written. The main principles of the institution are sexual freedom, bordering Sodom and Gomorrah. (However, then it was fashionable.) Among the regulars – all the bohemians of the seventies: Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfeld. Donald Trump visited and, rumor has it, even Grace Kelly.

The founders of the club poured cocaine mountains on the guests from the ceiling and held theme parties – for example, on Friday were to appear in old dresses and camisoles of the 18th century, on Saturday – in country-style clothes (taking along some goats and cows from the nearest farm) , and Sunday was declared a “naked day.” However, the crowd at the entrance, dreaming of getting into the club, was ready to be naked 7 days a week, if only they let it go. Face control was tough, unquestionable and unpredictable. It was carried out by the owners of the club themselves, and, it seems, by one they understood the rules.

Half of Studio 54’s inhabitants died of AIDS (including, incidentally, one of the founding fathers). The other half jumped off this death ship in time and now writes memoirs.

Why in the XXI century we are offered to admire this is not completely clear. But the hallmarks of the collections, created by Studio 54 as the inspector, are easily traced: many, many sparkles, black-black eyeliners, bright-bright shadows (or lipsticks, or both).

New York, New York

But not only Studio 54 makes cosmetics manufacturers remember New York.

By the number of places of worship (each of which can be inspired independently), this city occupies almost the first place in the world, and if it is second only to Paris. Even if you have never been there, you will still know correctly the same store Tiffany, whose window was served by Audrey Hepburn, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Fifth Avenue, Broadway and Greenwich Village, where she lived Kerry Bradshaw herself. And skyscrapers – hello, Carolina Herrera 212. Walking in New York – one big deja vu. It seems that every corner has already been shot in a movie.

At the same time, it is not possible to understand whether there is any common DNA in all of these palettes, sweets, shades and fragrances dedicated to NYC. We assume that they are eclectic, like this great city itself.


Spring Paris, Paris summer, Paris winter. Autumn too. Paris, Paris, Paris. Coffee and a crispy croissant in the morning, a glass of Brut Le Rose in the evening, a walk under a bright umbrella through the narrow streets, geometrically perfect lines of the Eiffel Tower, stone flowers and patterns on the facades of palaces and the stern views of the gargoyles on the walls of the cathedrals. And the eternal Edith Piaf.

So many books, paintings, songs, films, jewelry collections and makeup collections have not been dedicated to any other city. And no other city is capable of so mercilessly disappointing you if you too believe in all this croissant-macaroon aesthetics.

Real Paris has nothing to do with it. Though…


… And again hello, America, hello, California. Your names alone are already fond of hearing – Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Las Vegas, Malibu. A! San Francisco was nearly forgotten. Everywhere – the sun, breathtaking sunsets and the same breathtaking sunrises. Palm alleys and avenues are teeming with gigs. Simple California girls are sitting in convertibles. On her face – the famous tan, dark glasses and a snow-white smile. On the body – denim shorts 🙂

The distinctive features of makeup in California – lightness, transparency, carelessness.


Hollywood is another matter, although he is also in California. But this is a separate and huge sparkling world where the luxury and brilliance of diamonds, multiplied by the brilliance of spotlights, is legalized. Old Hollywood, new Hollywood, future Hollywood, its actors, musicians and films – one continuous inexhaustible inspiration.

Sand-like dunes and beaches, shades of shades and dense red lipsticks are welcome. Mix, but do not shake.


Bright as cosplay costumes and leisurely like a cloud by Mount Fuji. Always white skin, always polite understatement and half hints of partial shade and half light. We are looking for codes of Japan in sakura and peony blossoms, kabuki theater and the rustle of a kimono. We reread the hockey and try to understand what the author wanted to say.

Africa and Morocco

Jewelry box for artists, poets and just dreamers. Cities are like patchwork quilts with noisy bright bazaars and labyrinths of streets. Deserts with hot sands and a glowing horizon. Red mountains and blue-blue Majorelle. Forests full of wild animals. Elephants (or tigers? ..) blow at night, Riot, heat and sheer instincts.

Perhaps it is dangerous here. But terribly beautiful!

Gardens – anywhere in the world

Spring garden – with its buds and leaves just blooming. Summer garden – full of dense greenery and juicy fruit. The garden is tropical – with curly vines and armfuls of coral and bright pink huge flowers.

Any garden promises us sweet air, silence and tranquility. No, no, the report can be completed later.

And there is also London, especially the swinging one, of the 1960s, which was paid tribute to by all carcass manufacturers a la Twiggy (and Bobbi Brown, who released the palette of shadows and rouge London Palette), and Burberry devoted a lot of aromatic poems. There are Cote d’Azure in general and St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice in particular, which also cannot complain about the lack of attention. And there is Moscow, which is also inspired by some people – for example, NYX.

You can study beauty geography endlessly. But I have a question, or rather, even two. First: what point on the globe, in your opinion, is undeservedly forgotten, and can serve as a source of inspiration in the future? And the second: how much do these inspirational initiations influence your interest, give an understanding about the product and arouse a desire to buy or at least get to know each other better? Maybe all this is just white, green, pink and blue-majorelle noise? ..

Although not, the NYX Dublin palette I want so far 🙂


This article was originally published at: BeautyInsider, this is a translated version.

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