The SUP3R5 enthusiast team has unveiled the PS5 in the PS2 design, and at the same time, redesigned the DualSense controller.

A total of 304 consoles will be released in an exclusive design for $ 649: black panels, purple label, and classic PlayStation logos on the console and gamepad.

All consoles sold out in 18 minutes, and the controllers lasted 2 minutes longer. About 54 thousand applications from users were submitted – the team did not count on such a demand.

Consoles in PS2 design will reach users this spring. Sony’s warranty will remain, but there is no talk of additional batches.

UPD: the company canceled all pre-orders as threats began to arrive, and users began to receive money back. The SUP3R5 Twitter account has also been deleted.

We take these threats seriously. We are not willing to risk the safety and well-being of our team.

All existing orders will be canceled and fully refunded in the coming days. We wanted it to be a fun way to celebrate our shared nostalgia. As it turned out, there are people who are ready to intervene in this.

SUPR5 Team

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