Irish company B-Secur has partnered with electronics manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products to unveil an ultra-low power sensor hub that enables health monitoring of wearable electronic devices, including smartwatches and rings.

The MAX32663A Biometric Sensor Hub is essentially a MAX32660 microcontroller supplemented with B-Secur HeartKey software and a MAX30003 ECG sensor. The complete solution simplifies device design and eliminates the need for licensing algorithms to speed time-to-market.

B-Secur development makes it easy to add ECG functionality to electronic devices

B-Secur explains the choice of the Maxim MAX32660 microcontroller on the Arm Cortex-M4 core for its small footprint, expanded memory, low power consumption and secure bootloader.

The MAX32663A Hub and the MAX30003WING2 Evaluation Board are now available for order at $ 7.68 (1,000) and $ 200, respectively.

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