Finally, owners of Tesla electric vehicles will be able to try out the autopilot without paying the full $ 10,000 to activate it – a subscription has appeared.

You will have to pay $ 199 monthly (almost 15 thousand rubles). You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The autopilot requires an HW3.0 computer. There’s no such thing? You have to pay another $ 1,500 to get it installed.

What the autopilot package includes:

  • Navigation on autopilot;
  • Automatic lane change;
  • Automatic parking;
  • Calling a car from a parking place;
  • Autonomous computer control of all vehicle modules;
  • Recognition of traffic lights and road signs.

If you have never used autopilot before, this is a great suggestion to give it a try and decide whether to purchase the full package.

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