The fusion of growth drivers in the augmented reality space will drive this market forward. About 28 million augmented and mixed reality (AR / MR) smart glasses will ship in 2026, while the total global AR / MR market will exceed $ 175 billion, according to a new study by ABI Research. Analysts clarify that demand growth is expected in both the corporate and consumer segments.

While consumer solutions are making headlines, the adoption of augmented reality in enterprises is set to continue at an impressive pace, with 66% annual growth expected through 2026. The benefits of telecommuting, training and intelligence have come to a head in the pandemic, when support for teleworkers has become imperative. Although the increase in interest does not immediately translate into practical implementation due to the need for new investments, analysts note that interest persists and even increases even as the pandemic begins to subside. Enterprise AR platforms offered by companies such as PTC, Teamviewer, RE’FLEKT and ScopeAR compete with the in-house developments of large internal digitalisation companies.

Regardless of the market segment, MR headsets will be the growth leaders – they are forecast to grow at an average annual rate of almost 130%, while AR headsets are forecast to grow by 60%.

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