ASUS has officially unveiled the new flagship graphics card Turbo GeForce RTX 3090 (TURBO-RTX3090-24G). The model is specially designed for use in systems with limited internal space and difficult air circulation, for which it is equipped with a casing, the shape of which helps optimize airflow.

The model is based on the NVIDIA GA102 chip built on the Ampere architecture, which includes 10,496 CUDA cores. Video Memory – 24 GB GDDR6X format with 384-bit bus. In Gaming Mode, the core frequency is 1695 MHz. In OC Mode, 1725 MHz.

The graphics card’s cooling system includes a highly efficient tangential fan, popularly referred to as a “turbine,” an all-copper radiator, and a vapor chamber. The manufacturer recommends using the video card in tandem with a power supply unit with a capacity of at least 750 W. Dimensions ASUS Turbo GeForce RTX 3090 are 268 × 113 × 39 mm… And yesterday Lenovo introduced the new Legion gaming laptops.

Source: ASUS

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