The further in 2021, the more various electronics become more expensive. Yesterday we wrote that TSMC intends to raise its wafers’ cost, which could lead to higher prices for products in almost all segments.

Asus and Acer laptops will rise in price by 5-10% in the second quarter

It is reported that Acer and Asus – some of the largest players in the PC market – will raise prices for their laptops by 5-10% in the next quarter. The reason is simple: there is a shortage of both components and, accordingly, the products themselves against the backdrop of a severe growth in demand. The source says that Acer can only fulfill one order out of three, while Asus’ supply deficit is 25-30%.

Other companies may well follow Acer and Asus. By the way, this increase in prices for these companies in this segment will be the largest in 10 years.

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