ARM, return of canon MagSafe, many ports and buttons instead of Touch Bar

Two reputable insiders immediately shared information about future MacBook Pro models. The first was the famous Min-Chi Kuo, and the second was Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

Min-Chi Kuo

He predicted the design of the iPhone X ten months before its release; it was he who named the diagonals of all iPhone 12 models 15 months before their release. In general, we believe Min-Chi – deserves it.

Ming-Chi’s data was shared by the publication MacRumors… According to him, Apple is preparing two models of “proshki”: 14- and 16-inch. This will be the most significant change in the look and feel of MacBooks since 2016. First, MacBooks will become flat. Ming-Chi describes this design as similar to the iPhone 12 – apparently, there will be no roundings, except for the corners.

The second thing Mr. Kuo is talking about sounds unrealistic. According to him, Apple will return to MagSafe! If you are not in the know, this is not the “MagSafe” that the iPhone 12 has, namely the canon connector. It looks like this:

No more torn and broken USB Type-C! Did they hear our prayers? Apple ditched MagSafe in 2016 when it introduced the MacBook Pro 15 with four Type-C connectors and a touch bar.

In general, according to Ming-Chi, we will have a greater number of different connectors. He even says that many won’t need to buy adapters!

By the way, there is also news about the touch bar: it will no longer be available. Apple was very stubborn with him: models with the Touch Bar are still coming out, and many developers still do not understand why this thing is needed. For example, here are the hotkeys that Adobe recorded in Photoshop:

Photo: Maxim Dyachikhin especially for Wylsacom Media

And this is the Touch Bar in Adobe Lightroom:

Photo: Maxim Dyachikhin especially for Wylsacom Media

Okay, the Touch Bar is useful. With its help, for example, you can select stickers in Telegram:

Photo: Maxim Dyachikhin especially for Wylsacom Media

In general, instead of the Touch Bar, the usual F1 – F12 buttons will flaunt. And let’s be honest: this is one of the best innovations in future MacBooks! In general, it seems that Kuo saw the 2015 MacBook Pro and decided that this is a new model. But the design and something else tells us that this is truly a new model.

I will give the title of “the most anticipated innovation” to the new system-on-a-chip. How it will be called, what parameters it will have is still unknown. But Kuo says the new MacBook Pro line will not support Intel processors. All bye, “blue.”

Such an update, according to Min-Chi, will lead to an increase in sales of MacBooks. He suggests that Apple sells 25-30% more laptops (about 20 million per year) compared to Intel’s predecessors.

Mark Gourmet

Surprisingly, two big insiders have shared data on the same devices. However, Mark’s insider is different from what the sun-faced Ming-Chi says.

According to Gourmet, the company is indeed developing 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. They’ll get a look-ahead design on the iPhone 12 or iPad Pro, but don’t expect these MacBooks to look different from MacBooks suddenly. The design of the devices will be recognizable, so don’t expect too much.

Mark confirms the return of MagSafe – it can charge MacBooks much faster. And the company will not refuse Type-C. The “proxies” we are talking about will have “several” ports. Whether there will be other connectors that Min-Chi talked about is unknown.

But about the Touch Bar, Mr. Gourmet speaks more restrainedly. He claims the company is testing such prototypes. That is, whether such an option will reach the series is still unknown.

Photo: Maxim Dyachikhin especially for Wylsacom Media

And, let’s be honest, such a decision will look strange after the release of the MacBook Pro 13 on the M1, which still has a Touch Bar:

The new “firmware” will receive better displays: they will be brighter and more contrasting than the current models.

The company will indeed refuse Intel solutions. Instead, MacBooks will receive a logical continuation of the Apple M1, but only with more cores and a better graphics system. We assume that the conventional Apple M2 (or whatever it will be called) will perform well in the new MacBooks since the M1 came out really cool.


There are no specific release dates. Mark Gurman says Apple hopes to release updated MacBooks in the second half of the year, while Min-Chi says they’ll be shown in the third quarter of 2021.

This means that they can be shown either at WWDC 2021 or at the September presentation. Although they are still far away, so the release can be safely postponed.

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