Specialists of the analytical company Trendfocus have summed up the results of the second quarter in the market of hard disk drives (HDD). According to their calculations, 65.75–67.45 million HDDs were shipped during the quarter. This is 2.5-5.1% more than in the first quarter, and 11.9-14.8% more in annual terms, that is, compared to the second quarter of 2020.

Seagate remains the market leader. In the past quarter, it shipped 27.80-28.30 million HDDs, 6.6-8.5% more than a year ago. This resulted in Seagate’s share of the HDD market being 42.0–42.3%.

In second place is the WDC. This manufacturer shipped 24.20-24.90 million drives in the quarter, increasing shipments in annual terms by 4.6-7.8%. The share of WDC at the end of the quarter is 36.8-36.9%.

Finally, Toshiba managed to increase shipments in annual terms by 44.0% -49.2%. During the quarter, this manufacturer shipped 13.75-14.25 million HDDs, which corresponds to 20.9-21.1% of the market.

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