As you know, with the release of the iPhone 12, Apple stopped putting chargers in the kit with smartphones, at the same time removing them from earlier models.

Apple's abandonment of complete iPhone chargers will allow the company to save about 1 billion tons of copper, zinc and tin

Now, in the latest Environmental Progress Report, the Cupertino giant claims that by abandoning complete storage devices, it will be able to save 861,000 tons of copper, zinc and tin only within the current iPhone generation, and along with other generations where the kit has also been updated, the figure will be much more.

In addition, the reduction in the size of the packages has contributed to the reduction of harmful emissions. In this case, 70% more iPhone packages can fit on one transport pallet, which means less traffic and, as a result, less emissions from cars.

Also in the last fiscal year, Apple cut carbon dioxide emissions from 25.1 to 22.6 million tons and reduced electricity consumption by 13.9 million kWh.

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